Thursday, 17 November 2016

Upvc windows for apartments Bangalore

Spiker windows – a commercial upvc windows providers in bangalore

Spiker windows manufactured bulk number of upvc windows for apartments in Bangalore. Spiker windows is one of the largest upvc windows and doors suppliers in India. We are top suppliers of Upvc windows for apartments, Villas windows, commercial doors and windows. Whether it is for a home, restaurants, office or for hospitals we give it a right design, color combination and quality.

Ready made upvc windows

Spiker windows offer variety of upvc windows and doors to complement the style of your home. We offer many unique and beautiful windows and doors .We bring your dream to reality of building home with strong,long lasting materials as we are mainly dealing with Upvc products which have all these qualities compared to other materials. Spiker windows offers ready made upvc windows , ready made doors frames as it is helpful when your planning to replace your old traditional windows to modern attractive windows and doors.

We offer Upvc doors and windows with many added features. Some of those are :
  • Frames and sashes are fade resistant.
  • Highly durable material.
  • Low maintenance products.
  • Termite resistant.
  • Soundproof
  • dustproof
can be used in any kind of buildings like residential, commercial buildings.
  • Heat resistant
  • pollution free
  • upvc windows are energy efficient windows
  • these are Eco-friendly product which can also be recycled . So upvc windows are called green windows.
  • Can be done to any dimensions so it intakes more brightness and fresh air.
  • Upvc is a light weight material.
  • These windows and doors which we manufacture are long lasting , less maintenance and are durable.
  • These upvc windows and doors have extra lock system so it is safe and secured.
Why to choose Spiker windows ?

Homes are precious to us. When we renovate or redesign we always think of quality products we supply to our customers. We mainly deal with Upvc products which are strong material compared to other products like aluminium, wood or timber.

Spiker windows helps clients in the installation process and for the cleaning process if it is glazing windows. Choose different types of doors which is perfect match for your personality and fit your dream home. Upvc windows and doors are available in many different colors and repainting is not at all required even it is used for more than 15-20 years, only regular cleaning is required for these doors and windows.

Spiker windows offer
  • Thousands of doors and windows options are available .
  • Need soundproof, dustproof windows? Contact us.
  • We always help our clients during color selection, design selection till installation process is completed.
  • Low cost upvc windows and doors are available.
  • Installation and services are core part of our business.
It is our dream to supply good quality ,well designed products to our clients. Come visit our store and talk with our excellent team about your goals and needs.

Spiker windows is the best upvc windows supplier in usa. Spiker windows manufacturer's upvc windows and exports to worldwide countries like USA, Canada, London, south africa, Australia, New Zealand. Singapore, Russia, china, japan, etc....

We have well trained and experienced team who can manufacture and design any kind of windows and doors . We give 5 years of warranty in all products we supply to our customers. We can assist you with a brand new designs and high quality upvc doors and windows.

To buy these upvc windows and doors please contact us :
Landline: 080-28475052, Mob: 9980473395

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Upvc windows bangalore India

Upvc windows bangalore India

Spiker uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Bangalore, India offers attractive uPVC windows in very reasonable price. The frames supplied by these uPVC Doors Windows Manufacturers in Bangalore will help to make your house or office look classy and also give 100% protection against unexpected threats.

With various exciting styles and safety measures, the product is capable to supply complete command on it. These frames consists of inbuilt property of conserving energy in raw stage as well as their functioning stage. Due to its high naturally and efficiency adopted nature, the uPVC windows provided by spiker group of enterprise is stated as the Eco-friendly & Green product.

The window frames offered by uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Bangalore favors the Indian climate as well as most of the climatic parameters all over the world. However, the offered uPVC frames sustain energy throughout their life-time and hence give a suitable environment to any office or house.

Our reliable vendors provide the uPVC Doors Windows in various standard sizes, shapes and even colors thereby taking care of our client’s requirements as well as industrial norms.

Spiker group of uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Bangalore, India always comes up with one of the best uPVC doors windows for its customers residing within India.

These frames are best especially for residential in high buildings or sea-shore bungalows as they are strong enough to resist climatic ups and downs as well as winds.

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Spiker windows, 

#8,Ramkrishna Reddy Building, Chinnappanahalli, Marathalli, Bangalore - 560 037Call @ 080-28475052Mail @,

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Largest Manufacturer of upvc Windows and Doors

India’s Largest Manufacturer of upvc Windows and Doors
Spiker windows is India’s Largest Manufacturer of upvc Windows and Doors, specialized in custom designing of doors and windows with excellent engineering craftsmanship and skills. The vast experience in designing uPVC windows makes Spiker windows a unique manufacturing company for uPVC Products.

The professional approach in engineering window and door creates significant impact on functioning, performance, quality and maintenance of the products. Spiker uPVC windows and doors suit global dynamic needs and are most durable.

Spiker windows are innovative in work and designing of vast number of windows and doors systems using uPVC new technology. Perfecting the different manufacturing process has allowed us to develop best quality products suitable for any ambience.

Spiker uPVC Windows and Door systems surpass the standard traditional Indian designs and whether conditions with a well sophisticated approach with an elegant look particularly suitable for sub-continental weather conditions, which restricts residues of dust particles, obstruct noise pollution and are rain proof.

Spiker windows Eco Friendly Products

Spiker windows rubident wing of insect screens and insect screen systems, which keep flying insects sealed out while allowing fresh air and light. Moreover, Spiker windows insect screens and insect screen systems help prevents pollution such as tiny dust particles.

We develop structural designs that are versatile, fire, robust and corrosion resistant which can be easily cleanable with nice and elegant screen systems that are custom made for windows, balconies, doors and other outdoor openings.

The products we manufacture are: - uPVC doors and windows, Mosquito Mesh types that come in Fiber Glass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The Aluminum profile types that come in Roller Screens, Sleek Window Frames, Pleated Screens and Open able Mosquito Doors.

Our products are widely used in Sectors like:

Apartments, Individual Residences, Villas, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Industries, Educational Institute And We have Direct Suppliers in major Cities and States, Hyderabad, Telangana, Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, all over Karnataka

The Aluminum Fabrication enhances the look and feel of the establishments, offices and creates clean and most demanded environments. The advantage of using aluminum is for its lightweight, strength, durability, corrosion resistance, attractive appearance and easy maintenance.

Spiker windows is an expertise in fabrication of Aluminum Channels for Casement Windows and Doors, Sliding Windows and Doors, Balcony Sliding Doors, Building Elevations, Office Partitions and Bath Room Doors.

***Festival 10% DISCOUNT***

Upvc installations are offering affordable WINDOWS, DOORS and GLASS UNITS AND FASCIA.

With 10% off any final quotation over this next month. With over 15 years of experience and the new (A) rated frames fitted as standard we offer some of the best products on the market to date with the best quality finish guaranteed.

Call us today to arrange day/time that suit's you best or check out our facebook page where you will find pictures, video clips of some of our work so far. We can normally get the quote back to you with in 24hrs too.

Call today on: +91-9980473395 for a free know hassle quote, We will also bring along a demonstration upvc windows and glass templates just to give you a picture of our products before committing into any sales.**

India’s Largest Manufacturer of upvc Windows and Doors

Monday, 26 September 2016

upvc windows doors dealers in bangalore

upvc windows doors dealers
Spiker windows is found to be the best upvc windows doors dealers in Bangalore. We have got many distributor's in india, who sell our products in different region's around the country.

Choosing the right choice UPVC windows doors dealers is the important thing in Bangalore. As we can find lot of UPVC products dealers.

Choosing the wrong choice may lead to the waste of money in re-installation or in searching for the best quality product. So check out for the important factors that we should keep in mind while choosing for UPVC windows doors dealers.

Check for the customer reviews- now a days online can give more information about the companies, so check out for the company reviews and about the products they sell. Always look for the best upvc windows doors dealers.

Quality- Of course the product which you buy should be of good quality which has many advantages compared to other products.

Installation -right-way installation is one of the key factors. When selecting good upvc dealers check for professional and skilled manufacturers to be involved in the installation process.

Repair and replacement of broken windows should be done in the shortest time as soon as possible.

Spiker windows has experienced manufacturers who provide details about installation, quality about products. Spiker windows has good reviews from the customers. So choosing spiker windows is the good brand as we are the best upvc windows doors dealers in Bangalore.

Contact us :

Landline: 080-28475052, Mob: 9980473395

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

upvc windows offer usa

Upvc Windows offer

Spiker windows is a complete uPVC Windows and Doors solution provider specializing in the design, and installation of precision-engineered, made to order UPVC doors and windows systems.

Due to the support of our dedicated team of professionals, our company is involved in offering a massive array of UPVC Windows. Our UPVC Window is sound proof and termite resistant due to which its inquiry is rising rapidly in the market. Moreover, these windows are stylish and attractive in look.

  • Easy installation
  • Perfectly polished
  • Scratch resistance
  • Optimum finish
  • Durable
With the support of spiker team of expert, we are able to present our clients excellent quality UPVC Window. This windows can be easily fitted in the windows panes and are appropriate for various applications in commercial buildings, residential houses, hotels and modern office blocks. It is monsoon proof, resistant to strong winds, dependable, termite resistant and needs negligible maintenance. This doors windows is provided as per the divergent requirements of our clients at reasonable price within a given time frame.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

upvc balcony windows and doors

Spiker windows is your one-stop solution for noise-proof, sound-proof, weather-resistant, no-painting, low-maintainence, Rust-free doors, Aircon-saving and windows that are custom-made to suit your needs. May it be Balcony, bedroom, living room or patio windows or doors, you could could find one just right here.
  • Weather proof
  • Noise proof
  • Sound proof
  • Aircon proof
  • Termite proof
  • No Maintance
  • No Painting
  • Strong winds

Spiker windows Systems is the largest manufacturer of UPVC balcony windows doors solutions for Indian homes and offices. Whether for a balcony, or a terrace or even a veranda, contemporary doors transform the look of your house inside and outside. sliding doors make the most perfect balcony door systems as appearance wise they create an open living space for you.

Spiker windows has four types of door designs namely Sliding Doors, Casement Doors, Balcony Doors and French doors. Out of all three, sliding doors make the most perfect balcony windows doors systems as appearance wise they create an open living space for your home.

  • High impact resistance
  • Unaffected by temperature
  • Resistance to exhaust fumes and building industry chemicals
  • Sea water resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High insulation qualities
  • Protective painting or polishing required
  • Good sound dampening
  • Wind proof
  • Adaptable to meet architectural requirement
  • No condensation or thermal expansion

Upvc windows doors designs

Upvc windows doors designs
Spiker windows provides the best upvc windows doors designs in bangalore for your home, apartment, luxury villa etc. Spiker windows, leading uPVC doors company is A-1 choice for upvc doors and windows for the residence as well as office spaces.

Their ace upvc doors windows designs, low maintenance cost and variant shades. With an industrial experience of over a decade, the company possesses a team of experts, including designers, engineers and craftsmen, which help in development of flawless uPVC doors and windows.

Spiker window upvc doors are a perfect way to add a pinch of charm and beauty to your home. Our doors are maintenance free and durable; they are bound to not create a fuss for years. Such doors windows would make you feel safe and secured with security features like multipoint locking, extremely strong hinges and toughened laminated safety glasses.

These upvc doors can be customized in accordance with your style. These upvc doors will add up to the external and internal beauty of your establishments. They are available in casements and sliding types. They act as an effective sound and weather barriers. By a single slide you can open up a view for nature’s light and refreshing air and ya, they don’t even acquire much space.

Spiker windows is the name to trust among upvc door company. Give your beautiful dream home and office space a contemperory look with spiker window best sliding upvc doors designs or you can enhance the beauty of your establishments with casement upvc doors.
upvc windowsupvc windows