Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Upvc Bi -fold Doors

Upvc bi fold doors are practical doors which meets the demands of home owners . In bi fold doors an added advantage is we can choose the number of panes that suits our needs. Depending on the size of openings of doors we can have maximum of 7 panes with main door is being placed on either left or right side which provide the complete flexibility.

Upvc Bi fold doors manufactures from spikerwindows can accommodate latest high performance handles, lockers and hinges. Spikerwindows installer are ready to give advice on this issue . Many ranges of colors and finishes are available in bi fold doors which suits to your home interior design.
Security is very important on any door. UPVC Bi fold doors we manufacture are fitted with a highly safe locking system and once it is closed or locked the doors sashes are secured in numerous points.

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