Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Upvc windows and doors suppliers Bangalore

Spikerwindows are leading suppliers of upvc windows and doors in Bangalore . We have installed more than ten thousands of upvc windows and doors all over India , we give end to end solutions for color selection , designs ,installation and for servicing of upvc windows and doors . Replacing of old or broken window panes is also done . We have our manufacturing units where well experienced manufacturers ,designers are their to provide perfect designs which satisfy home owners requirements.
We have manufactured upvc windows and doors which is suitable for all the climatic conditions- it is resistant to heavy wind loads, for heavy rains and also upvc windows are soundproof windows which doesn't allow outside noise.

As upvc windows and doors can be done to any size, color its gets in maximum of brightness and fresh air inside home and lot of options are their in the selection of windows and doors . In UPVC we get sliding internal doors and windows which is space saving and can be available in any shades of color, bi fold doors which is again space saving , thermoglaze frames , readymade door frames are also available. The best advice to the people who are buying upvc windows and doors is that check out the reviews of the company in which your buying , quality of the product and servicing has to be their even after installation . So by considering all these points Spikerwindows are one of the top Upvc windows and doors suppliers in Bangalore . So contact us to get UPVC windows and doors from the best suppliers.

Mail: info@spikerwindows.com
Landline: 080-28475052, Mob: 9980473395