Thursday, 23 April 2015

How do you make your House Insect proof ?

Having insect free home is very important , making sure that the house is free of insect is 1st priority in every home. In most of the cases Insect attack specific type of wood. So it is very important to install a termite/insect proof windows. Whether it is tilt or turn or any other type of window, there are steps that should be followed for termite attack resistance.

Here are few steps that can be followed to get insect proof home

- Do not store any untreated timber against the house because it has a high tendency of attracting termites.

- Ventilation in house is essential.

-make sure that your home has sufficient air and there is no moisture build-up inside house.

-keep wood or timber away from the soil

-use rust proof,dust proof or termite proof windows and door products like Upvc – upvc is a strong material , long lasting material which doesn't get rust even after use of more than 15-20 years. So it is very helpful to use upvc windows and doors in home to get insects resistant.

while most of the people will take precautionary measures for the installation of insect proof windows, these are few additional tips which is helpful to acquire a insect free home.

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