Friday, 26 June 2015

Spikerwindows- largest upvc windows and doors company in India

Upvc windows

We are proud to say that Spikerwindows is one of the India's largest windows and doors company . We have branches in all the major cities in India . We install windows and doors to homes, hotels, hospitals, office ,villas, apartments . We are mainly manufacturers and dealers of upvc material . Our manufacturers have the knowledge of India's extreme climatic condition so we have manufactured windows that can withstand any climatic condition , which doesn't get rust due to heavy rain or doesn't get fade due to high temperature.

Spikerwindows headquartered in Bangalore and do sales , services in all most all the places in India . We have manufacturing units in bangalore and bhubaneswar . We offer ready made upvc windows and even our customer have an option to buy these windows online . These upvc windows and doors provide effective protection from weather , UV radiations , moisture resistant , durable .

Customers can find different and attractive types of windows and doors in Upvc compared to others products . These upvc windows has many advantages like it is user friendly ,light weight , available in different shades of colors , designers windows and doors that matches your exact requirements is also available , tilt and turn ,sliding , bifolds ,colored frames etc ..

Give us your order and your dream home windows and doors will be ready in a short period of time .. to give an order please contact :  

Landline: 080-28475052, Mob: 9980473395