Monday, 22 June 2015

Upvc window types

In many other products you may not find different types of windows . But in upvc you get wide range of window types . Here are some of the types :

Types of upvc windows

Fixed windows : These windows doesn't have any openings . These are best in place with no extra ventilation.

Casement Windows : These windows have a hinged openings that is attached to side frame. These are placed where sashed windows are difficult to place .

Awning Windows : awning windows has one or more sashes . These can be used where we require more light .

Gliding and Sliding Windows : Both of these windows will operate in the same way and slide side to side not upwards or downwards . These windows can be used where there is lack of space .

Palladian Windows : arch shaped at the top and double hung single wide window, with a double hung narrow window on each side.

Single and Double Hung Windows : Single hung windows are fixed at the top and bottom can slide up . In double hung windows bottom are fixed but can be opened at top .

Windowscapes : These are wide windows that run across the whole wall.

Rotating Windows : Rotating windows can be opened from top or bottom or either side . Benefit of these type is easy to clean .

Picture Windows : large and can be used at a focal point of the room .

These are some of the types of windows which has unique benefits compared to other .

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