Friday, 24 July 2015

Double glazed Upvc windows – a good solution for summer heat.

upvc windows and doors

Windows can directly impact on cooling and heating loads on any building . Spikerwindows are one of the best manufacturers and dealers of double glazed upvc windows and double glazed upvc doors in India with all the unique qualities and style. If you are feeling difficulty from outside traffic noise or dust pollution use of double glazing is the best choice.

Spikerwindows upvcwindows and doors come up with 10-15 years warranty. These products contains special chemicals that keeps the material strong and can resist any harsh weather condition. These products comes with scratch resistant benefits. Upvc windows can keep home warmer in winter and cool in summer. We get different types of windows and doors like : sliding doors , bifold , custom made, designer windows , thermoglaze and many more . These makes home more comfortable , energy efficient, maintenance free and keeps bright, clean ,healthier.

We manufacture windows which can adapt to any of the climatic conditions in India . Re-polishing and repainting is not required as we get these materials in different color combination and doesn't rot or rust even after the use of more than 15 years. By these energy efficient upvc windows and doors at affordable price and numerous benefits.

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