Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Can a deluxe building be Eco-friendly ??

Upvc windows

Deluxe buildings with green gives an different look to entire building . Every construction must be a green contribution . From choosing a perfect planning , selecting building materials it has to be eco-friendly product. So want to make a eco -friendly building ?? read on this post .

Usage of natural energy: some glass windows and doors has a special property which adds a aesthetic value to the entire space. Some kinds of glass can offer insulation from sound, dust ,heat and cold. This property allow ventilation of air in reducing usage of cooling devices.

Usage of eco-friendly raw materials : we have many eco- friendly products which can be used for construction of a home. One of the main example is UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) which provide high thermal insulation, durable, energy efficient and also recyclable . Upvc windows and doors can saves energy upto 30%.

Usage of home appliances which saves power: these kind of appliances help to reduce carbon emission. Always look out for energy saving air conditioners ,refrigerators . Using solar energy is an great alternative to many non renewable sources. This material are durable and require low maintenance.

Re-cycling is very important in any building like rainwater , solar energy harnessing, retreating and reusing of waste water , segregating dry waste – these are some of the changes we can follow to create good and healthy environment.

Make changes by adapting these following steps and get an eco friendly as well as deluxe buildings . Spiker windows are one of the leading upvc windows and doors suppliers ,dealers in bangalore, bhubaneswar and in all the major cities in India. Upvc is an eco-friendly material which offer high quality , durable in nature. These upvc windows are safe and secured . These windows and doors take a major step in maintenaning eco-friendliness. So contact us to get these best upvc windows and get an environmental-friendly and deluxe buildings.

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