Wednesday, 20 January 2016

ready made door frames bangalore

ready made windows and doors

Urgent requirement of ready made door and windows frames for your construction projects of house, apartments, villa's, bungalows, Hotel's etc...Need not to worry any more about ready made windows and doors, spiker windows are the best manufacturer and supplier of ready made doors and window frames in bangalore.

We have a huge range of Windows & Doors, with numerous sizes and styles to choose from. Available door types include softwood, glazed, hardwood and moulded, as well as fire doors for safety and peace of mind.


Installation services form an integral part of our end to end window & door solutions ensuring zero dependence on labour and traditional cumbersome methods of fixing doors and windows. Salient features of this service are:

• Team of skilled and experienced workmen
• Strict guidelines for installations at the site level
• Dry fixing -the windows with their frames are installed at the final stage
• The frames are fixed to the wall with Anchor fasteners
• The gap between the frame and the wall is filled up with foam

we maintain their process of according top priority to material used in fabrication of these UPVC Windows. These UPVC Windows bear all the advantages of a symmetric profile and provide more light. It is a whole new approach to windows that lets nature come in whilst withstanding the detrimental elements of nature.

Upvc have many use like it is very strong, tough, resilient. UPVC windows and doors never flakes, rots, rusts, peel. It is pollution resistant,chemical proof, good insulating materials. When it comes to cost UPVC are less expensive than other products. By all these advantages upvc products are attracting users.

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