Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tilt and Slide UPVC Windows and Doors

Tilt and Slide UPVC Windows and Doors

Spiker windows is the best Tilt and Slide UPVC Windows and Doors provider in bangalore. Tilt & Slide windows and doors are a space saving solutions if you have little room inside your home. Tilt & Slide windows and doors achieve a better insulation than standard sliding doors and windows. They can be opened fully by sliding or tilted inwards for efficient ventilation. Spiker UPVC's Tilt & Slide doors and windows you get many different uses for the room and also make it brighter. One of the benefits with these doors, compared to a turning door, is that the sliding door requires less space. tilt and slide doors are able to open inwards vertically to provide ventilation without opening the doors.

Various spiker windows Tilt & Slide Features:

  • Ideal in both commercial and residential applications
  • Alternative outer frame and sash sizes available
  • Glazing beads available for different IG-Sizes
  • Available in 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel configurations
  • Available in white, bone, wood grain, clay and colored finishes (laminated)
  • All main profiles are steel reinforce

Tilt and Slide UPVC Windows and Doors consists of following types:
    Tilt & Slide windows and doors provide extreme security for your home through multiple locking points operable from just one handle.


    Your Tilt & Slide window or door can be tilted inwards for freshening whilst still being secure enough to prevent break-ins.

    To fully open your door or window all you have to do is slide it to the side, giving you complete access to your balcony or garden. The superior roller system allows the door to move smoothly and with little effort.


Tilt and Slide doors can operate in three different positions: closed, tilt and slide. By turning the handle 90 degrees, the door automatically opens into the tilt position on the top making it optimal for ventilation.
A further 45 degrees downward twist of the handle and the door swings out at the bottom part causing the door slide parallel to the side into a preferred opening position.The locking mechanism is provided with driven stay arms pulling the sash towards the frame evenly when closing and pushing it off when opening.
Even large and heavy door units can be operated easily and safely. When closing, the sash automatically engages in tilt position, thus allowing for safe ventilation - the sash is secured against being pulled open. Releasing the central lock and setting off the sash; releasing from tilt position, sliding the sash opening and closing; pulling the sash closed and locking it at the same time.
The turn handles come with anti-lockout equipment, or as lockable handle with profile circular solid for operation from one or both sides. Multi-Lock security concept: distinct security components protect the locking system against burglary all around: lifting and prying the sliding sash open is made extremely difficult.

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