Thursday, 28 January 2016

upvc windows and doors for villa

Looking to construct Luxury villa in bangalore, We are the best manufacturer and suppliers of upvc window and doors for luxury villa with latest design to match the perfect look of constructing Villa. Spiker windows villa window integrates the classical Indian window design of grill and mesh (made of wood) with UPVC, the new age window material highly popularised by the company in India.

UPVC is a widely used technology in South-East Asia and China. In Europe, over 75 percent of the windows and doors in the replacement market see UPVC. They are weather-enduring, do not discolour, termite proof, fire retardant, and look plain and non-dramatic. The villa window also expands the design possibilities available to architects and home owners. For the first time, sizes that span entire balconies and rise from floor to ceiling can be made in casements (windows with sash that open outside). In addition, bays, arches, and French windows can be created as the material has the flexibility of aluminium.

We work hard to enrich the lives of our customers with highly customized door and window solutions that are in complete harmony with nature.

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