Thursday, 17 March 2016

Advantages of Composite Doors

  • Composite doors are light, these are quite thick and come up with hardwood outer layer.
  • The outer layer of composite door frames are made from upvc and sometimes comes with galvanized steel.
  • The combination of materials in composite windows and doors are strong, resistant to weather or any kind of weather damages. It rarely crack unlike wood.
  • Composite doors also includes GRP ( glass reinforced plastic ).
  • These doors won't discolor over time.. so no need to paint.
  • These are injected with thermal insulation which is polyurethane foam and is 100% CFC – chlorofluorocarbon free and this is eco-friendly to environment.
  • The glass inserted in your door can easy to replace with composite doors instead of replacing entire door.
  • These doors come in variety of colors and styles so you can fit composite doors to the styles which you want to your house and the street you live.
  • You can also paint composite doors in wood grain. So those will match with exterior of your house too.
  • You can make them even more secure by installing Yale lock.

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