Monday, 7 March 2016

Tips: How to take care of your upvc windows

UPVC Windows and Doors Systems
UPVC Windows and Doors Systems
One of the biggest problem for women is that maintenance of windows and doors!!! the fact is that proper care of windows and doors enhance the longer life. In this case, the main advantage of upvc products is that low maintenance. Little bit of effort is needed for longer life.
  • Upvc windows, espicially the area can be seen has to be washed every six months from both inside and outside. Simply soap mixture and a rag are sufficient for this purpose.
  • The other areas should be brushed and cleaned regularly. You can clean your windows and doors with vacuum cleaner.
  • If your windows are exposed to excessive moisture i.e., balcony windows in bad weather areas, be sure that you dry them off to avoid condensation problem.
  • Inspect the seals regularly and clean the hinges as well as locking points regularly. This helps to avoid rust and heavy noises. Also check the visible screws are tight each time you are cleaning the windows.
By these simple steps towards maintenance of your upvc windows and doors and can give high durability and longevity.

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