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UPVC windows components

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UPVC windows components

The basic components used in most upvc windows are Window profiles with
  • frame: That part of windows are surrounded by sashes or fixed glazing.
  • Sash: Some part of the window contains the glass.
  • Mullion: Vertical element forms a division between units of window.
  • The glazing bead: These are essential profiles in each and every windows, without these window construction would not work.
They make the window leak-proof within the building and keep the glass in proper position of sash groove. In every window profile system there are at least different types of glazing beads that are depending on the thickness of the glazing unit.
  • Reinforcing steel profiles ( optional )
  • insulated glazing units: Two or more plates of glass separated by the spacer and sealed at glass edges.
  • Multi-point locking systems
  • Systems of sealing gaskets, glazing gaskets, central gaskets and flat gaskets: Without proper gaskets, good values of appropriate parameters of window structure system such as water tightness, air permeability, sound insulation and thermal insulation are practically impossible. In order to maintain desirable properties for long time, gaskets are most of all be highly resistant to weather conditions and highly flexible so that their original shapes are restored after every deformation.
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