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Spiker windows is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of UPVC windows in bangalore, india. We have got numerous types of products such has sliding windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, Casement Windows , Openable windows, Thermoglaze UPVC Windows, openabale doors, sliding doors, lift and slide doors, slide and fold doors. We are specialized in doors and windows for high rise residential and commercial building complexes. The UPVC windows profile used by spiker windows Industries is lead free and are absolutely recyclable products hence causing no ill effect on the environment.

Spiker Windows, established in the year 2012 at Bangalore, is a leading manufacturer, supplier and dealer of a variety of UPVC Windows, UPVC doors, UPVC sliding windows, UPVC folding doors and fibre doors for residential and commercial buildings. These windows are highly energy efficient, come with a host of features along with equal sightlines and larger glazed areas due to the slim window profile.

UPVC windows is introduced to overcome the problem of wooden sash windows where many problem occurs in case of careless painting done on the windows and doors. Often there is a possibility of sweeling and bad wood work. Wood quality changes according to the climate in wind it starts to shrinkage and sliding operations makes sash windows to affect by this problems. Hence wooden sash windows are expensive to maintain. Since we introduced the upvc sash windows to make the restoration of traditional sash windows to make benefit for both the seller and the buyer. Our aim is to produce the upvc windows and doors at affordable prices. UPVC sash windows has all the rest of the thing common having the same aesthetic aspect of traditional sash windows on the point of maintenance, painting, durability, warranty and energy efficient.

Our service include the three main factors is low price, quality and safety in both windows and doors. The system is of windows, frames and all the essential fittings to make it strong, durable and attractive. UPVC windows and doors is famous for two reasons as it is very easy to fix, easy to carry from mode of transportation to another mode of transportation. Custom made upvc windows is easy to clean by using soap and water and take regular care with less cost.

Our UPVC windows and doors is like a boon and flexible in many ways and bestow as a best option to suitable any dimensional room outer layout. As per your requirement we will be giving you the three choices and that is any dimension, any colour and any design. For this three reason we are mainly well known among our competitors. We also customize the colour and finishes as per your choice at full achievement.

Some of the asset of Spiker windows are as follows :

Savings in energy bits up to 30%
Termite resistance
Sound Proof
Pollution Free
Strong & Durable Light Weight
100% Recyclable
Food Grade Material
Maximum Wind Resistance
Fire Retardant
No Painting or Polishing

We produce advanced window culture. You may see a scene through a window or You could smell scent of nature through a window. But, through Spiker UPVC windows, you may see your brilliantly shining future. Spiker Windows is redaction a history of windows with its inventive technology and religion and currently meeting customers from everywhere the globe. Perpetually researching and innovation, a brand new product hits the market each year. All workers of Spiker build each effort across the globe for customer’s satisfaction and success.

Our UPVC Windows and Doors are manufactured with the state of innovative technologies to satisfy the best quality standards. So, be with our UPVC Windows and Doors, you’re absolute to get variety of unmatched advantages with them. For example, Spiker UPVC Windows and Doors are low maintenance, energy efficient, sound proof and ultraviolet radiation resistant. We also offer amazing thermal insulation, thus you would like to use air conditioners and heaters less, permitting you to avoid wasting on energy bills. With this list of upvc windows benefits, our UPVC Windows and Doors are the simplest choice for your home and office.

Types of UPVC windows :-

Fixed windows
Rotating windows
Gliding and sliding windows
Casement windows
Hopper windows
Awning windows
Palladian Windows
Oriel windows
Single and Double Hung Windows
Bay and Bow Windows

Spiker window is the best product supplier of upvc windows and doors for villa in bangalore. UPVC Villa Windows that provide a sequence of airtight insulation, grills and protection against insects through a mesh. The traditional Indian window are the best it can ever be form and function combine to give you a complete solution for Indian villas.

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