Friday, 13 May 2016

best Upvc windows

best Upvc windows 

At Spiker windows, brilliance,modernization and commitment have been trademarks of our company. Spiker windows aim is to

  1. guarantee to our customers or for the building industry.
  2. supplying of low maintenance products.
  3. supplying of environmental friendly and energy efficient products.
  4. creating high performance products.

Spiker windows are always leaders in Upvc windows and doors industry. We continues to find improvements in our new designs or while manufacturing new products. Before upvc products where not in the use of making windows and doors their was no standardized sizes , moisture and air leaks where common which results in rusts or rots of doors and windows. But Upvc is hard material which doesn't allow air or moisture leaks and can be done to standard sizes. We supply upvc windows at low cost and our manufacturers can install windows and doors in 10 minutes.

We offer different kinds of doors and windows like sliding internal doors ,upvc bifold doors , upvc front doors, ready made door frames, plastic window frames and many more.

To known more about upvc products or Spiker windows contact us :

Landline: 080-28475052, Mob: 9980473395