Monday, 30 May 2016

Colored Upvc windows

 Colored upvc windows

Spiker windows profiles are most preferred door system in India . It has become the first choice of architects , builders, building contractors. The main reason for this is upvc is a material which has high flexibility nature . Modern design doors are available for example sliding doors , fixed , tilt and turn doors . These upvc doors are excellent thermal insulators as well . These material offer good weather protection , UV radiations , wind .

Tilt and slide doors

Main advantage of tilt and slide doors are it is space saving and space efficient . Sliding doors always offer smooth operation . It is available in wide range of colors like white , golden oak , dark and many more ..

Upvc Bifold doors

These doors offer contemporary style and design , excellent reliability to your home . These upvc bifold doors are high quality doors and has extra locking system . It also acts as a soundproof doors .

Choosing a perfect color for windows and doors is a tough task as it should match the interior and exterior wall pain color , furniture color . So get a solution for this buy using colored upvc windows and doors which create a different aesthetic affect with different color combinations and finishes .

Our upvc windows are scratch resistant ,durable and can be easily cleaned . These windows and doors offer high performance and can be used in any weather conditions. Here are some options- brilliant blue,black, claret red , green , classic white ,woodgrain ,mahogany and these color helps to enhance the color of entire home . If you like to maintain a white colored appearance inside you home to give a perfect look to your interior and want to opt for a colored exterior frame you always have an option here .

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