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Upvc windows

Upvc windows

Spiker Windows is the World's first UPVC windows and doors solutions provider, specializing in the design, UPVC Windows, UPVC Doors, UPVC Windows manufacturer. Spiker Windows is the Leading PVC, UPVC Windows and Doors manufacturing company in India and has installed with best UPVC Windows, UPVC Doors all over India.

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Types of uPVC windows

1. Horizontal Sliding uPVC Window:

Horizontal sliding uPVC windows and doors are the most demanded uPVC windows and doors in India. Sliding windows come with imported hardware fully flexible with international regulations for long lasting smooth performance.

Design Possibilities for Horizontal Sliding upvc windows :

  • 2 Track 2 Shutter Windows & Doors
  • 3 Track 3 Shutter Windows & Doors
  • Optional Fly Mesh

2. Picture uPVC Windows :

Picture uPVC windows are designed to increase the theory of art serving as a frame for exterior view. Picture upvc windows could be designed in any shapes. Picture upvc windows offers an outstanding look when used for glass to glass joint at corner.

3. Casement uPVC Windows :

Casement or openable uPVC windows and doors are the best solution for thermal and acoustic insulation. uPVC Casement windows could be openable inside or outside. Casement system come with multi point locking systems with or without key option.

Design Possibilities for Casement windows :
  •  French Windows & Doors
  • Side hung Single shutter Windows& Doors
  • Top hung windows

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