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The UPVC profile employed by Spiker windows is lead free and are fully reusable product thus inflicting no sick result .UPVC is incredibly applicable material to use within the construction industries, as a result of it's robust durable, non-toxic, light weight, recyclable and it's been used more than half a century and is that the world's most researched and tested plastic.

UPVC vs Aluminium


UPVC : Upvc products requires no painting . It is always maintenance free upvc windows and doors .
Aluminium : Aluminium products needs regular painting over long period of usage.


Upvc : upvc windows doors products do not fade ,rot or rust over many years of use . our upvc windows have UV resistant blend .
Aluminium : These can start fading after exposure to sun.

Ease of use

Upvc : It has good quality of hardware which makes our upvc windows and doors ease of use .
Aluminium : It has poor quality hardware leading to difficulty in usage .


Upvc : our Upvc windows is eco-friendly .
Aluminium : This is not an environment friendly products.


Upvc : our upvc windows and doors have extra locking systems and double glazing are done so it is excellent sound proof material.
Aluminium : These are poorly sealed so this is not an sound proof material.


Upvc : upvc windows are user friendly material which can be done to any size and any shape . We can get any dimensions of windows and large windows leading to more brightness.
Aluminium : aluminium doors and windows cannot be done to any dimensions .

Addition to value of home

Upvc : These products are long lasting and do not require any maintenance.
Aluminium : aluminium doors and windows require lot of maintenance and it is not long lasting products.

Upvc windows vs Wooden windows


Upvc : Upvc is a product which is long lasting and does not require any painting or polishing even after many years of use .

Wooden : These doors and windows always require regular painting or polishing .

Monsoon resistance

Upvc : These products are built in special rain drain mechanism so it can withstand heavy rains, winds .

Wooden : Wooden always rots .

Environmental Impact

Upvc : upvc always use less energy and this products is Eco-friendly.

Wooden : These windows and doors are hardwoods which are ecologically unsound .

Termite resistance

Upvc : These windows and doors are termite resistance .

Wooden : Wooden windows and doors are not termite resistance.


Upvc : Upvc windows and doors are structurally strong and can be done to any dimensions so wider windows always gives more brightness .

Wooden : These windows and doors cannot be done to any dimensions and to any designs .

Long lasting

Upvc : These doors and windows are long lasting and does not fade ,rot or rust even after 15-20 years of use and available in any designs .

Wooden : These products always rot with the exposure of sunlight or rain.

Why upvc windows and doors ?

Weather Resistance

Spiker windows offers you an extended lasting quality brand. Extended helpful life means that peace of mind and an excellent looking window that continues to strengthen the worth of your biggest plus, your home. Extreme climate and severe weather risk has no result on doors and windows, often acting perfectly in all conditions.

High security

Highly-secure door and windows profiles created by Spiker windows grant the most effective resolution for redoubled safety in your home. Our special fittings, glazing and installation offer increased security for your family.

Thermal efficient Insulation

Spiker windows and doors assist you to fancy a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere in your home. Our patented style keeps you insulated from the surface temperatures, providing you the simplest accessible thermal performance potential these days.

High Sound Insulation

Protection from noise is a vital characteristic of a contemporary window, guaranteeing a comfortable life, at home reception and within the workplace.

Strong and sturdy light weight

UPVC windows are robust and sturdy light-weight weight . we provide the best upvc windows that are terribly robust and sturdy .

Maintenance free

An added advantage of upvc doors and windows are its maintenance free -no painting or sprucing .

We have many more advantages of upvc apart from these listings . Spikerwindows offers the best quality upvc windows in bangalore, thermoglaze upvc windows in bangalore , upvc front doors and windows ,double glaze and many more . We are top upvc windows and doors manufacturers , top upvc windows and doors dealers so if you feel interested in our Spikerwindows and if you like to contact us , then you can directly call us or even you can mail your queries . We are going to reply to all queries as shortly as we can.