Friday, 10 June 2016



UPVC Balcony windows and doors manufactured by Spiker windows has classic good looks with a maximum glass areas which optimizes more visibility, making it a perfect choice for balconies, extensions or conservatories. Offering all the benefits of modern uPVC window including noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency. Spiker windows uPVC Balcony Windows and Doors are available in a wide range of options with a choice of two, three or four panels.

Spiker Windows are India’s largest manufacturer and distributor of “ UPVC Balcony Windows and Doors ”. we are specialist in designing and manufacturing different types of upvc windows and doors with amazing ranges of UPVC balcony windows and UPVC doors.

Upvc Balcony windows and doors systems extend the living room into the garden, balcony to create a beautiful space for living. The upvc windows product portfolio is perfectly coordinated to meet individual needs, we offers a range of different sizes windows for easy installation in older buildings as well.

UPVC Balcony Windows are available in various designs options and the best part is that you can custom-design your window depending on the aesthetics you want in your house. No more repainting and Anti-staining feature adds extra advantage while you just need to simply wipe and clean your UPVC balcony windows and doors which outshine the new ones. Sound proof, Water leak proof, Termite proof, Dust proof, UV rays from sun & does not rot/wrap/rust.

UPVC Balcony Windows flood your home/rooms with plenty of natural light and fresh air. Additionally, when you don't want external noise, pollution, dust and rain to twist your interiors, you can simply lock the window in one smooth movement and enjoy a peaceful ambience within.

UPVC Balcony Windows from spiker windows are available in various design options and the best part is that you can custom-design your upvc windows depending on the aesthetics you want in your house. You could alter the window design into large bay windows or tall floor to ceiling risers. You could also attach more sashes to the slider to increase the breadth for a larger view area.

1. High impact resistance
2. Good sound dampening
3. Unaffected by temperature
4. Protective painting or polishing required
5. Corrosion resistance
6. Resistance to exhaust fumes and building industry chemicals
7. Aging resistance
8. Sea water resistance
9. High insulation qualities
10. Wind proof
11. Adaptable to meet architectural requirement
12. No condensation or thermal expansion


1. Efficient Thermal Insulation

2. Redifining Quality In Upvc & Aluminium

3. Window And Door Long Life

4. Hassle Free Maintenance

5. Dust Proofing

6. Protection Against The Elements

7. Environmental Advantages

8. Safety Measures And Material Quality Firmly In Place