Tuesday, 14 June 2016

upvc windows in usa

Spiker Windows
Spiker windows is the brand choice of every clients who uses our upvcwindows for their home, apartments, villas, commercial buildings, etc in bangalore. We are the top leader's of upvc windows in bangalore, Served more than 1,00,000 and more clients in india.

We manufacturer different range of upvc windows has follows :

                                                             Sliding windows and doors

UPVC sliding windows and doors provide soundless sliding and smooth movement. These doors are widely used in industries and commercial offices. Upvc Sliding windows are most commonly used in residential spaces and educational spaces, the sliding window is the most compact way of allowing to enter light and air inside as it opens up completely without being a restrict to the other side. Sliding windows start from 01'x01' and go upto 20' x 20' .

Casement windows 

Upvc Casement windows work with simple structure which can be trusted for ages together. Though uvpc casement windows are designed to open horizontally and vertically, innovative architecture has made this design a very utility based one. The upvc casement windows are basically used for both smaller and bigger window spaces. Vertical casements are used to optimally allows light to enter and sound inside spaces which are usually deprived of it. Upvc Casement windows are one of the most used window types.


There are some windows which are traditional; windows which act as constant source for sunlight and air across seasons, the fixed upvc windows are mounted to one space forever. Spiker UPVC fixed windows are widely used in residential and industrial Places.


Though these windows are rarely used due to it’s unique useful options, turn and tilt windows are in production with Spiker windows only for bulk orders. This specialized windows needs extra manufacturing and tooling time for optimal performance and finish.

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